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Right Whales Sagamore Beach

Once again Right whales have returned to the waters off Sagamore and Plymouth Massachusetts. There are an estimated 400 to 450 Right whales remaining in the North Atlantic Basin. The last few years have witnessed large numbers of the whales quite often with their young returning to Cape Cod Bay. In some cases as you will see in the video shot today, 4/20/10 they will come well within 100 yards of shore and in water that is only 20-40 feet deep. Right whales are slow moving surface feeders. As we approach the busy boating season in Cape Cod Bay it is imperative that all boaters exercise caution. The whales shown in this video are less than two miles from the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal and are well within the recreational boating highway that runs along the coast from Sandwich to Plymouth. By law you are required to maintain a safe distance as you are with all whales. We will continue to upload videos over the coming days as hopefully additional pairs return. Today there appeared to be three whales in total with perhaps one of them being a baby.

In the video that follows you will see two whales feeding just outside the sand bar. At a slightly lower tide an average adult can stand on the sand about 10-15 feet from where these whales were feeding. The water depth is no more than 30 feet at this tide stage.

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