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The Best Promotional Products for Direct Mail Marketing

The Perks of Direct Mailing Campaigns

Even in the digital age, direct mail marketing has its advantages, showing results equal to, and in some cases, even better than email advertising. According to G2 Crowd, a business solutions software company, "Adding a promotional item to a direct mail campaign doubles its open and response rate."”" Whether your envelope stuffer includes a flyer, coupon, or promotional giveaway, promotional mailers are a great way to connect to your target audience, attract new business, and reward existing customers.

Things to Include in a Direct Mailing Campaign:
Types of Direct Mail Marketing
  • Marketing materials

    Put the best face of your brand forward with well-designed direct mail postcards, flyers, infographics, and other printed marketing materials. See our Promotional Giveaways section below for more innovative ways to present your contact information and some key features of your business.

  • Free Product Samples

    Depending on what products you sell, free product samples make an ideal envelope stuffer and are a great way to attract new customers as well as reward existing ones. Fun fact: according to Small Business Trends, a lumpy mail object leads to a nearly 100 percent open rate, as “People are curious what’s inside, and the curiosity gets them to open it. Now your job is to make it personal, relevant and captivating to get your piece read.”

  • Offers/Coupons

    Take advantage of your direct mail campaign by including a coupon or offer, to encourage people to choose your business or service.

  • Catalogs

    Along with a letter of introduction, a free sample, or offer, if you have a printed catalog, this is a great chance for you to get it in the hands of potential new customers.

  • Promotional Giveaways

    In addition to the direct mailing ideas listed above, there are a variety of promotional products that are just the right size to fit in your envelopes, many of which do not even require extra postage. Here are our top 15 choices of giveaways for direct mailing campaigns. Choose just one, or choose several, and make sure that you indicate on the outside of your mailing that there is a gift inside.

    1. Silicone Tech Pocket
    2. Wallet Magnifier
    3. Multifaceted Bookmark
    4. Jar Opener
    5. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    6. Press-N-Stick Calendar
    7. Webcam Cover
    8. Can Cooler
    9. Seed Packets
    10. Letter Opener
    11. Business Card Magnet
    12. Post it Notes
    13. Square Mints
    14. Luggage Tag
    15. Tech Taco