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Reopening Stores Safely — Branded Retail Store Supplies & PPE

published: August 4, 2020
Store reopening with safety signage

All over the country, retail stores are reopening, after a prolonged shutdown during the early stages of COVID-19. At this juncture, stores are not only trying to reconnect with old customers and to attract new ones, they are also working hard to adjust operations to keep customers and staff healthy in and around the store.

From a store promotion standpoint, bringing back customers, finding new ones, and creating a healthy environment are tightly connected. If customers do not feel confident of being safe inside a store, they aren’t going to shop there.

PromoManagers is perfectly positioned to help retail stores connect the dots between marketing and health. Our deep experience in promotional products for retail and the healthcare industry gives you access to a wide product selection of high quality PPE items, as well as traditional retail merchandise.

In short, we can help you make your store a safer environment — and get that message out to customers new and old. Here is an overview of branded supplies and PPE to help make your store reopening a success.

Face Masks

Mask Buddy Pro

Having face masks available for customers will be an appreciated extra, and a great convenience if the patron has forgotten to bring one. A reusable face mask imprinted with your logo will provide the extra advantage of promoting the news that your store is committed to a healthy environment. PromoManagers has a wide selection of face coverings, styles, materials, and mask accessories, to fit every budget and application requirement.

Social Distancing and Directional Floor Mats and Decals

Social distance floor decals

Managing traffic flow and social distancing are crucially important to a safe environment and for building customer confidence. Branded items such as our positioning circles and directional decals will enhance the shopping and checkout experience for the staff as well as customers.

Retail Sneeze Guards and Counter Shields

Tabletop sneeze guard

Reduce the spread of germs with a branded protective counter barrier or tabletop retail sneeze guard. These non-obtrusive but effective barriers are available in different sizes for use at checkout, customer service stations and other areas where the staff and customers are in close quarters.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Sanitizer station

Crestline’s branded hand sanitizer stations are in high demand, as they convey a positive health message and provide a convenience customers and staff will love to use. Our favorite sanitizing station comes with four one-gallon jugs of hand sanitizer and operates completely hands-free. 

UV Sterilizing Wands

UV light sterilizer

UV light sterilizers kill germs on carpets, upholstery, computers and a multitude of surfaces found in retail settings. They are extremely useful for sanitizing electronic equipment, cash registers, CC readers and shopping carts.

Shopping Bags with Healthy Features

Kraft paper takeout bag

PromoManagers has every type of shopping bag available, but some retail bags have healthy features well suited for reopening stores.  For instance, the small and large grocery store companion are laminated totes easy to wipe clean, in addition to being strong and sustainable. Speaking of sustainability, this very important customer concern is answered with our branded Eco Kraft Paper Shopping Bags, our biodegradable plastic bags, and many other items.

Masks and Apparel for Drivers

Customized relaxed cap

If your store is making deliveries, face masks, mentioned earlier, will be standard PPE for drivers. To maximize their comfort and professional appearance, our branded apparel is the perfect fit. Popular items include the always reliable sandwich visor, the relaxed baseball cap, two terrific tops, the Favorite Gildan® Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt and the Gildan® DryBlend™ Jersey Polo.

Disposable Gloves

Latex-free disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are “handy” safety items, for delivery drivers and other members of the staff. Add transparent, latex-free gloves to your next order for logo merchandise!

Antimicrobial Giveaway Pens & Stylus Pens

Antibcaterial stylus pen

Promote health — and your business — with giveaway logo pens. Customers will appreciate using a new pen at the store, and then getting to keep it. Two of our top options: The reliable antimicrobial stylus pen and the iPROTECT® germ-fighting pen. Customers may come back to make another purchase just to get another one of these wonderfully useful items.


No touch thermometer

Thermometers have become important PPE in today’s COVID-19 environment. Our non-contact infrared thermometer enables you to check the staff on the way in, and branded, reusable forehead thermometer strips make it easy for employees to self-monitor during the workday and at home.

Healthy Store Décor: Hand Washing Tips and COVID Info Magnets & Brochures

coronavirus info mag

PromoManagers supports your efforts to spread healthy habits instead of germs! Our branded, informational “Stop Coronavirus” magnets, “Hand Washing Guide magnets, COVID health tips door hangers, and Germ Stopper Pamphlet convey the message your business takes health and safety seriously.

No Touch Tools

coronavirus info mag

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, incredibly useful customer giveaway that doubles as a PPE tool for your own staff, no-touch tools fit the bill. Three customer favorites are the Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool, the door-opening Touchtool, and the No Contact Brass Keychain. These innovative no contact tools take the worry out of opening doors, operating light switches, using touchscreens, typing and more common tasks during the current era.

Bonus Health and Safety Tip: Virtual Solutions for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

If you haven’t done it already, setting up an online store to promote and/or sell logo merchandise makes more sense than ever in the COVID-19 environment. Customers will enjoy browsing online at your logo apparel, PPE items and regular merchandise from the comfort of their homes, rather than crowding around an in-store display. Adding functionality to your website to support curbside pickups and deliveries is another option that keeps your customers engaged and doing business even when they’re not physically in your store. Using your social media pages to promote your selection as well as buying and delivery options is another very effective way to let people know you are back in business.

Need More Help?

If you’d like help zeroing-in on the right promotional items, or can’t find what you need, please contact us now. Our customer service team is here, and eager to help you get your business rolling as quickly as possible.

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