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13 Sunny Promotional Gift Ideas for Spring & Summer

published: May 26, 2020
Flying orange kite on a sunny day

Spring is here and summer is finally close at hand. With Coronavirus/Covid-19 transforming all our lives, it has never been more important to enjoy the warm seasons safely. At a time when our ability to make contact with one another is facing more challenges than usual, there’s no better way to keep that personal touch with your clients or your work-from-home employee force than by bringing a little sun to each of their lives. These corporate gift and giveaway ideas are designed to put a spring in your audience’s step from May all the way through September

  1. Gardening Gifts
    seed packet with log

    So many of us are spending much more time on our own property currently and that has turned attention to the home garden for both first time gardeners and longtime enthusiasts.  Bring your brand into that experience with easily mailable, flat, and light weight seed paper.

    Self-reliance has rarely been more emphasized in our lives than it is now. Be a part of those efforts by sending herb and veggie seeds to your clients.

    Both experienced gardeners and those only now testing out their green thumb for the first time will find useful gardening, cooking, and fishing ideas combined with handy weather predictions for the season in the Farmer’s Almanac.  Add your logo to this guide and make it one of the spring promotional items that help your customer make the most of the season. 

  2. Golf Giveaways
    nike golf polo with logo

    With new safety measures in place, golf courses have started to re-open and after a long winter and quarantine, golf fanatics are ready to play. While some golf tournaments or trips are cancelled, many are right on track, since golf takes place out in the fresh air, with natural per hole social distancing. Stay top of mind with your clients and employees with customized golf giveaways like the Golf Accessory Kit or golf towels. Other top gifts include personalized golf polos or golf balls that get your brand seen out on the course.

  3. Beach & Pool Accessories
    Retro sunglasses with translucent yellow frames

    As days grow longer and hotter, Americans are craving summer afternoons by the pool and days spent at the beach. A must-have for any beach or pool party is a beach ball. Another popular giveaway that is sure to get a lot of use this summer is the Jewel Colored Beach Towel.

    The perfect drinkware companion for summer adventures by the water is the colorful 16 oz Silipint™ Straight Up Pint Glass. It is made of 100% silicone material that will not break, crack, or fade. Keep your favorite drinks cool in the Two-In-One Cooler Duffle that can hold up to 12 cans plus ice.

    While out in the sun, it’s also important to encourage and promote sun safety with Clip-N-Go Sunscreen.  Also, keep eyes protected with the Cruise Retro Sunglasses.

  4. Hiking Hacks
    Orange stainless steel water bottle with carabiner

    It’s important to keep safe and practice social distancing when trekking into the park or the wilderness for healthy fresh air. Help your clients bring along everything they need from home on their adventures in the out of doors with a branded hiking backpack.

    Bring relaxation into outdoor adventures this summer with portable hammocks.

    To limit time spent in crowded convenience stores, carrying your own water supply when you leave the house is key.  Put your brand on a durable water bottle that helps your employees and customers keep safe and refreshed.

    Put your brand up front on a logo cap that helps shield your clients from the sun while they venture outside for walks, jogging, and hikes. 

  5. Face Coverings
    yowie multi use scarf

    Face masks have become essential parts of our life while dealing with the pandemic. While your staff and clients are out enjoying meals on restaurant decks and shopping in stores with reduced capacities, help them protect themselves and other with face masks. We have disposable, washable, and versatile options for your marketing and safety needs.

  6. Rain Gear
    Striped umbrella with logo

    Although we’re staying inside more than ever this spring season, when we do venture out umbrellas aren’t just a great way shield from the rain or the sun. Umbrellas are also a great visual reminder for people to keep their distance as they pass others.

    Forecasts appear to indicate that we are in for some storms this season – don’t let the weather get the better of you or your customer base, add some helpful rain gear like ponchos and rain gauges to your seasonal promotions to make sure we all weather the storm securely.

  7. Custom Printed Kites
    Custom kite

    Parks, with their wide-open spaces allow for safe outdoor fun.  A creative way to enjoy the outside right now is a traditional spring pastime – go fly a kite.  Put your logo or other photographic full color imprint on a customized kite today and get your name up into the sky while your employees spend some time in the sun.

  8. Spring Cleaning Helpers
    Auto trunk organizer

    Keeping fresh and clean this spring is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  What better way to give your brand a lift than to put this handy screen spray in your client’s hands and help them keep their electronic products clean.

    With so many people making use of grocery pick up right now, it’s important to make loading goods into the trunk of your car simple and secure.  Keep grocery getting needs safe and easy with a branded trunk storage carrier.

    When making sure that your home and work spaces are clean this spring, give your end users something to sing and dance about – put your branding on Bluetooth® speakers so the season’s cleaning is filled with sensational sounds.

  9. Bird Watching Items
    reusable cotton face mask

    We may be social distancing, but nature is out in force this spring.  Enjoying the delights of our animal neighbors has never been more popular.  Consider making a bird house, bird feeder, or binoculars part of your spring promotional ideas and make the most of this new wave of bird watching enthusiasm. 

  10. Cooking and Grilling Tools
    5 piece bbq set with customized carrying bag

    We are all cooking at home more lately and looking for new seasonal recipes to put some spice in our spring.  A chef’s essentials kit is just the sort of package promotional experience that can give your client’s a boost in the culinary adventures.

    When enjoying seasonal fruits to keep the taste of spring in their lives, your clients and customers can keep refreshed with this fruit infuser bottle.

    More than any other summer in recent memory, people will be pulling out their grills to bring some tasty variety and outdoor enjoyment to their cooking.  Help your audience maximize their grilling versatility with this 5-piece BBQ set.

  11. Branded Bubbles
    Magic bubbles with logo on container

    You’re never too old for having fun with bubbles – kids, cats, dogs, and grownups of all ages put some extra fun in their playtime with this bottle of Magic Bubbles.  Add some wonder to your promotional projects and bring the bubbles to the balcony or the back yard. 

  12. Biking Gear
    Reflective drawstring backpack

    Biking is always a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the out of doors, but right now it provides an especially good way to get outside while maintaining social distancing.  A branded bike bottle will help keep both recipients and your brand refreshed. 

    A lightweight drawstring backpack is a great hands-free way to carry essentials while biking.  Everywhere your team members travel, down bike paths or through the city streets, they will carry your brand on their backs.

    Bike safety isn’t just about social distancing, it’s also about staying visible on the road. A reflective snap wrist band keeps users safe and seen while the sun descends.

  13. Outdoor Yoga Equipment
    Customized yoga mat with travel bag

    When the sun breaks through those spring showers, a little bit of outdoor yoga is a great way to expand home fitness options. Turn patios into yoga studios with branded yoga mats.

    A sturdy water bottle for keeping refreshed while enjoying a little time working out on the back porch or in the yard is a great way to help client’s stay healthy.

    Set a soothing mood for time enjoying the back patio, the front porch, or any part of the yard with wind chimes.

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